Grove of the Willow Wood

An inclusive contemporary coven

The Grove of the Willow Wood is located in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains in beautiful Dahlonega, Georgia.
Our focus is educating open-minded individuals about Wicca while providing a community for seekers wishing to learn the old ways.


Grove of the Willow Wood was founded by
Lady Jasmine and Lord Solandrin in 2008.
Today, the Grove provides a sanctuary for seekers
wishing to experience the Old Religion.


The Grove seeks to provide a community for seekers
to learn and grow in the old ways.
Members and friends of the Grove gather monthly
to celebrate and learn in fellowship.


Lady Jasmine, Lord Solandrin, and other members of
the Grove were initiated in Ravenwood Church.
Together they seek to combine the best of Lady Sintana's
teachings with the group's unique vision and purpose.

Providing services to our community


reading hands

We provide classes for seekers,
open-minded individuals, and educators.


reaching hands

We provide informational sessions for the general public,
and are available for speaking engagements
and other public-facing events.

Pastoral Care

caring hands

Spiritual Counseling, Handfastings,
Wiccanings, Last Rites, Funerals

Upcoming Events